Fireworks Extravaganza

A fun puzzle game with a Tetris-like gameplay



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Fireworks Extravaganza is a puzzle game where you have to fit different colored shapes into silhouettes that appear from the right side of the screen.

When you fit all the pieces over a silhouette you'll see fireworks in the air. In the beginning it takes no more than five pieces to complete a silhouette, but later on they can take up to 20 pieces. The goal is to get the highest possible score, quickly matching the pieces to the silhouettes before they get stuck and stop others from coming in. If that happens, you lose the game.

Fireworks Extravaganza includes three different and entertaining game modes. The gameplay is so simple that anyone can have fun with it; no matter what age or skill level.

Fireworks Extravaganza is a great game to pass the time and have fun, especially if you enjoy games like Tetris.

The link downloads the Big Fish Games client, where you can then download the game.


The game can only be played for only 60 minutes.

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